About Us

At Office Photocopiers we offer a superb, extensive catalogue of superlative photocopiers, printers and office equipment from major hardware manufacturers, including industry leaders like Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba and Sharp. When you order a document handling system from us, you can expect high performance features and cutting edge technology.

What makes Office Photocopiers different is not just our commitment to great bargains but also the unmatched flexibility and variety we offer our customers. The depth of our range is remarkable, with mono copiers, colour models, A4 devices, A3 MFPS, desktop machines, production printers and every other type of document handling hardware you could require to bolster your workflow. As all the products we stock come from established, big name brands, you can rest assured that any model you pick from our catalogue will come equipped with airtight data security features, reliable output speeds and razor sharp document creation capabilities.

Photocopier Brands

The depth of choice does not end at the models themselves, however. At Office Photocopiers we also understand that not every office wants to purchase their hardware in the same way. That’s why we offer our buyers a number of different payment options. Those who do not wish to buy photocopiers outright, as they would prefer to avoid the short term costs, can choose to rent a copier or lease a copier instead. If you choose this option, you can get a top-of-the-line system on your network before you have the capital to own it outright. This is particularly popular amongst start up companies that have yet to reach the profit level required to add top drawer hardware to their networks.

Office Photocopiers offers photocopier hire for as long as you need it. Whether you are holding a one-day event or looking for the right equipment to get a new business on its feet during its first few months, we have a deal that is perfect for your requirements.

Not only do we make getting your ideal copier or printer as simple as possible, we also make sure it keeps running in peak condition throughout ownership. We offer delivery and installation right across the UK mainland, while our team of highly-trained expert support staff and engineers are on hand to solve any issues you have during ownership before they become problems.

In the digital age, the quality of your hardware could not be more crucial. When you shop at Office Photocopiers you can rest assured you’ll get the best machines and the best service at the lowest prices.