Ricoh SP C240SF

There are very few desktop devices in the game that can compare with the Ricoh SP C240SF for productivity, affordability and usability. This compact powerhouse fires off documents at a rate of 16 pages per minute, while its high quality colour capabilities ensure every last one is crisp, clear, lush and vivid. The dimensions have been slimmed down, so the system can fit in even the busiest of small offices, while the running costs are kept on a tight leash regardless of how busy things get.

A great fit for your business

The Ricoh SP C240SF has been designed and manufactured to integrate quickly and easily to any office’s network. Regardless of your workflow and how you tackle your workload, this device will fit the bill beautifully. Highly convenient features such as ID Card Copy and USB print and scan translates to a flexible and versatile stream of documents and data in your office.

Reliable output from the top drawer

Productivity is very much at the heart of what the Ricoh C240SF can do for your business. It warms up in a mere 30 seconds, it delivers the first page in just 14 seconds and then prints at a rapid 16 pages per minute rate. This reliable pace means even the busiest of small workplaces will get its documents in good time.

Keep your costs under control

Ricoh’s devices have all been optimised for low cost operation over the longest possible time period. That’s why the Ricoh C240SF comes with duplex mode, which keeps your consumable costs down and a low Typical Energy Consumption that ensures your power bills are kept on a tight leash, even when the workload gets heavy.

Eco efficient features

Staying green is a smart move for the modern business that wants to control its costs and lower its carbon footprint. With all-in-one toner, duplex mode and the Ricoh cartridge return policy, you can rest assured your productivity will never put too much strain on the environment.


The Ricoh C240SF is a great choice for the small office that wants to stay ahead of the game.