Ricoh Aficio MP C5503SP

The Ricoh MP C5503SP is a superb colour photocopier that brings speedy print, copy and scan features together on a single, superb platform. This 55 pages-per-minute powerhouse delivers and archives documents with incredible efficacy. With A3 capabilities on board, you have the flexibility to handle documents of all shapes and sizes, while the flexible range of features and scan-to destinations makes life easy for the busy office administrator looking to stay on top of their company’s information.

Superb workflow management

Managing your workflow is made simpler than ever when you have the Ricoh MP C5503SP on your network. On every level, it has been designed to maximise ease-of-use and ease-of-ownership for every member of your workforce. It comes with an intuitive control panel, which ensures even the least tech-smart user can operate the device with complete simplicity. Meanwhile, features such as Quota Settings mean the office administrator can limit usage by individual, department or office. This helps save on costs and reduce waste in your workplace.

Brilliant document distribution

These days, it pays to run a more flexible and mobile business. The quicker you can respond to the quickly changing pace of the modern work environment, the better. One of the things that helps a company to gain this ability to adapt is high quality hardware. This is where the Ricoh MP C5503SP comes in. With this copier in your office, you can be sure that data moves through your company with incredible speed. A huge list of scan to destinations, such as USB, email, network folder, hard drive or USB, means the important file gets to the right person with no delay.

Complete device customisation

Ricoh is well known across the world for creating hardware that can suit just about any end-user. This is why the Ricoh Aficio MP C5503SP comes with a completely customisable interface, which can be personalised to suit the specific needs of just about any business. The home screen can be fitted with exactly the choice of short cuts, icons and preferences that each user wants. This makes handling documents incredibly simple.

Airtight security and data safety

Ricoh understands the importance of data security in the modern business environment. That’s why the Ricoh MP C5503SP comes with the DataOverwriteSecuritySystem, which ensures latent images of data are wiped from the system after use, and Unauthorised Copy Control on board, which means only trusted users can access your confidential information.


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