Ricoh Pro 907EX

The Ricoh Pro 907EX is an outstanding production printer that offers a remarkable level of flexibility, productivity and image quality to the busy workplace. The outstanding output of this professional powerhouse puts it right at the front of the pack when it comes to commercial quality document management. If you run a print shop or a large office with a high volume of prints and copies to tackle, this is the system for you.

Top of the line production

One look at the specification sheet of the Ricoh Pro 907EX will tell you what you need to know about this exceptional device’s abilities to attack your workload. It delivers documents at a rapid rate of 90 pages per minute, warms up in just 360 seconds or less and has the first sheet in your out tray after just 3.5 seconds. When you have a high volume of pages to print off, these are the specs you want in your corner.

Move your data with power and pace

Scanning is an enormously important part of how the modern company moves its data. In a business environment that relies upon workforce mobility, ensuring everybody can access the significant data when they need it is crucial. The Pro 907’s scan feature is one of the strongest around, with 80 images per minute scan speeds and a huge list of scan-to destinations that include email, folder and URL. This means collaborating on projects is easy, even when you have team members in different locations.

Real user friendliness

Every effort has been made at every stage of the design and manufacturing process to ensure the Ricoh Pro 907EX is as easy-to-use as it is productive. It comes with an LCD panel, which offers users a totally intuitive interface from which to access the machine’s myriad features. Even complex data editing tasks are rendered simple on this step-by-step menu.

Durable performance

Reliability and durability are central to what the Ricoh Pro 907EX can bring to your business. With a maximum paper capacity of 8,050 sheets, replenishing the drawers is rarely required, while a huge 2 toner bottle yield of 120,000 A4 pages means steady long term performance and low running costs.

Top quality production printing is assured when you install the Ricoh Pro 907EX to your network. If you want the lowest possible price on this standout model, call Office Photocopiers today.