Ricoh Aficio MP C6003SP

The Ricoh Aficio range is well known across the office hardware industry for innovation, user friendliness, power and pace. Regardless of how large or small your workplace might be, there’ll be a model in this range that suits your needs. If you run a medium or large office, then the Ricoh Aficio MP C6003SP will be a perfect addition to your office network. With 60 pages per minute printing and copying, superb, airtight security and an intuitive interface, it is equipped with everything you need to take quick control of your data movement.

Hardware that makes life easier

No company has time to be held back by hardware that makes life harder rather than easier. Happily, the Ricoh MP C6003SP has been built to make things as simple as possible from the moment you install it to your network. Quota Settings, an intuitive control panel and accessible device management tools combine to make moving documents and data through your office a breeze.

Move your data with speed

The superb 60 pages per minute print and copy rates available on the Ricoh C6003SP are only the beginning of this model’s excellent performance. It delivers its first full colour copy in a mere 4.8 seconds and its first mono copy in a mere 3.1 seconds. Those pages come after a warm up time of just 21 seconds, while the massive 4400 sheet of paper capacity ensures a long, uninterrupted workflow.

Superb data security

These days, there are few issues facing your business as important as data security. Ricoh understands this better than any other manufacturer, and that’s why the Ricoh C6003SP comes with the DataOverwriteSecuritySystem, which erases latent images of documents from your hard drive after using them. Similarly, Copy Control ensures only authorised users can gain access to your confidential files.

Customise your device for real power

Multifunctional devices like the Ricoh MP C6003SP are not one-size-fits-all machines. Rather, they are fully customisable to each individual owner’s requirements. The home screen can be personalised with short cuts, icons and other preferences, ensuring your workflow runs smoothly and speedily, even when the pressure is on.


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