Ricoh MP 7502

In the modern business environment, you require hardware that can truly keep your stream of data and documents under control. The Ricoh MP 7502 has the capabilities to be that system. With rapid, steady 75 pages per minute print speeds in rich, lush monochrome, you can rely upon consistent performance and true quality. Once this model is installed to your network, you have an intuitive, accessible hub for the reception, transfer, archiving and sharing of fast moving data, right in your reception area.


The productivity specifications of the Ricoh MP 7502 are amongst the best in the game. It packs 3.9 seconds first print out time, 75 pages per minute print speeds and 30 seconds warm up time. Scanning is handled in similarly speedy fashion, with 179 images per minute rates in duplex mode. SD Card and USB print and scan capabilities are both on board too, so you can get to work without even logging on to a laptop or PC, saving even more time in your workplace.

Cost effective

Keeping your running costs under control is easy once the Ricoh MP 7502 is on your network. Quota Settings are available on the device, so the busy office administrator can limit how many consumables are used by each individual or department. The Typical Energy Consumption is low too, meaning less cost and plenty of output.

Tight security

Keeping your sensitive and confidential data secure is hugely important in the modern business environment. Ricoh understands this and that’s why the Ricoh 7502 comes with a range of features that help to ensure only trustworthy users can access your company’s files. Unauthorised Copy Control puts a tight lock on your archived data, while Automatic Data Overwrite wipes all temporary data from your drive once it has been used.

Impress your audience

Making commercial quality printed material in your workplace is never a problem when you have the Ricoh MP 7502 on your network. This powerful machine allows you to create documents with multiple folds and stapling with the superb range of finishing features on board. Even large scale professional print jobs can be handled at the push of a button, right there in your reception area.

If you want truly next level printing, copying and scanning, then the Ricoh MP 7502 is the device for you. Call Office Photocopiers today and get a great deal on this great system.