Ricoh Pro C5100S

For high quality colour production printing, copying and scanning, you cannot get a much better machine than the Ricoh Pro C5100S. This muscular powerhouse is packed to the brim with superb document handling capabilities and cutting edge specs and features. Equipped with Ricoh’s innovative VCSEL technology, you can rest assured that every document that arrives in the Ricoh Pro C5100S’ out tray will be razor sharp and crystal clear. This combination of productivity and quality makes it one of the most highly recommended models around for the commercial printing environment.

High capacity, high quality

Few models can bring together quality and productivity with the centralised simplicity of the Ricoh Pro C5100S. A large model with user friendly features and top-of-the-line specifications, this piece of office equipment is ideal for the commercial or production print environment. It packs 8,250 sheets maximum paper capacity, while the 1200 x 4800 dots per inch resolution ensures even the most complicated documents will arrive looking razor sharp.

Incredible innovations

The Ricoh C5100S is a very exciting new document system, with a host of truly innovative features. It comes with Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology, which uses a precise laser beam that adjusts to sheet expansion and contraction, while, at the same, keeping shifts in colour to a minimum. So, if you want to stay flexible and adaptable, the Ricoh C5100S will be a great choice.

Real media choice

One of the biggest advantages of having the Ricoh C5100S in your office is the sheer choice you have. It supports stocks all the way up to 256 g/m² in double sided mode, while you can print and copy on stocks all the way up to 300 g/m² in one sided mode.

Choose from two Fiery controllers

Choose between the Fiery E-22B colour controller or the Fiery E-42B colour server when you add the Ricoh C5100S to your office network. The E-22B can handle the majority of CRD jobs, while the E-42B comes with an even higher level of performance – great for the top-of-the-line commercial print environment.

If you want to add power and pace to your network, call Office Photocopiers today and get a great deal on the Ricoh C5100S.