Ricoh MP C2030AD

The Ricoh MP C2030AD combines top quality printing, copying and scanning on a muscular, usable platform. It can handle both A3 and A4 documents with speed and efficiency, while also offering one of the most intuitive interfaces on the market. This combination of flexibility, accessibility and productivity makes it a real standout MFP. It’s a full colour device that delivers superb, high quality, rich prints and copies consistently. Not only that, it can be picked up for a bargain price tag when you order from Office Photocopiers.

Consistently strong colour

When you add the Ricoh MP C2030AD to your network, you can rely upon the quality of PxP toner. This innovative addition to Ricoh’s document handling equipment ensures consistently vibrant, eye-catching, full colour prints and copies arrive time and time again in your office. With 600 dots per inch resolution, the sheer quality of this machine’s output cannot be overstated, while the 20 pages per minute printing speeds and 6.5 second first copy out time ensure rapid delivery.

Versatility from the top drawer

The Ricoh MP C2030AD is one of the most versatile monochrome multifunctional photocopiers on the market. A huge menu of different media can be supported by the device, which makes the creation of brochures, handouts and flyers a breeze. Glossies, transparencies, coated paper and envelopes can all be loaded in to the machine, opening the door to all kinds of choices when it comes to firing off impressive documents.

Green printing and copying

The innovative Polyester x Polymerisation toner does not just ensure your documents come with quality. It also reduces your carbon oxide emission, which, in combination with the duplex unit, makes this a very green machine. So, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, the Ricoh MP C2030AD will be a great addition to your office.

Real reliability

This MFP comes with one of the best print engines on the market. Boasting a new tandem 4 drum design, it offers consistent and powerful productivity and keeps paper jams to a minimum. That’s not to mention the huge maximum paper capacity of 1,600 sheets that means your workflow runs uninterrupted by maintenance jobs.

If you want to get a great deal on the Ricoh MP C2030AD, call our team here at Office Photocopiers.