Ricoh MP C300

This multifunctional device is one of the most powerful document systems in its class. It copies, scans and prints with incredible speeds, 30 pages per minute in full colour A4. As well as pace it also brings affordability. The bargain price tag is matched by a suite of cost effective solutions that make keeping things such as consumable and energy usage under control. For example, automatic duplex mode reduces the amount of paper you use. Security is also a hugely important part of the Ricoh MP C300, with top of the line solutions that keep your data tightly monitored and protected. User friendliness is supported thanks to a logically laid-out and intuitive interface.

Combines power and pace

In both colour and monochrome modes, the Ricoh MP C300 delivers your documents at a rate of 30 pages per minute. It’s quick to get up and running too, with 50 seconds warm up time. So, with less time wasted getting the hardware ready to roll and with rapid speeds supporting your workflow, this model is a heavyweight champion when it comes to productivity.

Distribute your documents and data effectively

In the digital age, the way companies move data is incredibly important. The better your lines of communication, the better for your business and so office equipment that supports a quick, smooth transfer of hard and soft copy information through your business will be hugely important. The Ricoh MP C300 has all the features you need to support a reliable data workflow. You can scan documents directly to email, FTP, SMB, URL or NCD, ensuring your information is always where you need it with maximum speed. USB and SD card connectivity mean you don’t even need to be logged on to a PC to get to work.

Cost effective

The Ricoh MP C300 has not just been designed to be productive but also to be cost effective. With an energy saver mode that brings your power consumption down to astoundingly low levels and an automatic duplex unit as standard, here is a device that knows how to keep your workflow running as efficiently as possible.

Security that stays airtight

Another huge issue for the modern workplace is security – just how safe is your crucial business information? Key to running a secure workplace is your document system: what kind of features does your multifunctional photocopier offer? With, locked print, user authentication and password protection, you can rest assured that this device will keep your documents tightly controlled.


For a fast moving, ultra secure and cost effective document workflow, call our team here at Office Photocopiers today.