Ricoh MP C400

A powerful multifunctional device with a range of superb document handling capabilities, the Ricoh MP C400 is a great choice for a mid-sized or large office or department. It packs 40 pages per minute print and copy speeds in full colour mode, meaning those highly impressive pages arrive with reliable speed. Security is also a big advantage of this device, with a range of superb data protection features and solutions. All of this is available with an intuitive interface that makes controlling your workflow a simple job. Even the least experienced or tech-smart members of your workforce will pick up this user friendly device’s control system in an instant.

Productivity from the top shelf

Taking a look at the Ricoh MP C400’s specification list will tell you plenty about how much this machine can bring to your network. It offers plush 1200 dots per inch resolution, rapid 40 pages per minute printing and a massive 2,300 sheet maximum paper capacity. Want even more flexibility and power? Then add some of the high quality finishing options that area available, allowing you to add a real professional sheen to your output.

Real simplicity

Ricoh truly leads the industry when it comes to user friendly document handling. With a very clear control panel and a simplistic interface, you can be sure even the most complicated of document jobs can be executed with speed and simplicity. It does not matter how much experience your workforce has of using similar hardware in the past – even those with no prior knowledge of the technology will quickly pick up the process. The paper tray is ergonomically designed, taking all the stress out of maintenance tasks.

Moving your data is made easy

Flexibility is brought to your office thanks to the scan-to features available with the Ricoh MP C400. Documents can be directly scanned to email, FTP, PDF, TIFF and JPEG, offering you startling versatility and mobility like never before. This way, you can make sure your hard copies are stored in the right place with no delay, supporting a more effective and productive workflow.

Security on the next level

It is hard to overestimate how important data and document security is for the modern workplace. The Ricoh MP C400 has been designed and manufactured with that in mind. That’s why it comes with features such as Data Overwrite Security and user authorisation, which ensure all your essential, confidential documents move through your system with safety as well as speed.

Powerful multifunctional copying and printing is essential to what the Ricoh MP C400 can do. Call our team here at Office Photocopiers to get a bargain price tag on this superb machine.