Ricoh SP 3500N

User friendly monochrome output has rarely come with the intensely high quality performance of the Ricoh SP 3500N. It packs superb 30 pages per minute printing and copying speeds in rich, clear, crisp black and white A4, while the quick-smart 20 second warm up time and 8 second first print out time ensure you stay on top of even the largest workload and hit the most pressing deadline. The dimensions are incredibly compact, ensuring it will fit in every office, while the sustainable productivity keeps your running costs tightly controlled. Quality is kept to a high level thanks to the 1200 x 1200 dots per inch resolution, so you can really impress your target audience.

User friendliness

Usability is a big part of what the Ricoh SP 3500N brings to your office. With slimmed down dimensions that allow it to fit snugly in any workplace and a LCD control panel that has been optimised for quick, accessible usage, this model is an excellent choice for the small business that wants to stay ahead of the competition. It also comes with a front facing design, which means you just open it up to replenish the toner or paper with maximum ease. A Universal Print Driver is available too, which means you can manage the system with zero stress.


More and more, offices are seeing how important flexibility and versatility are to their printed and copied workflow. With a 250 sheet paper tray, which can take all kinds of paper stocks, and a 50 sheet bypass tray, which allows you to print envelopes, this has all the weapons you need in your arsenal to create a large range of impressive documents, right in your reception area. If that volume is not enough for you, you can expand up to 550 sheets with an optional 250 sheet Paper Feed Unit.


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