Sharp MX-2314N

If you are looking to handle a heavy volume of colour documents, the Sharp MX-2314N is going to be a great addition to your office network. This high performance multifunctional photocopier comes with all the top drawer features and paper handling versatility you could possibly need to support rapid data movement and efficient document sharing.

The Sharp MX-2314N brings together top-of-the-line printing, scanning and copying on a single, easy-to-use, stylish device. Not only does this device fire off full colour pages with reliable 23 pages per minute speeds, it also comes with one of the most approachable interfaces around. Add to that support for a wide-variety of different media and a huge provision of hard drive space and you have one of the best MFDs for a mid-sized workplace.

Ultra-effective printing

When you run a busy workplace, you cannot afford to be slowed down by your hardware. With 600 x 600 dots per inch resolution for copies and prints, you can rest assured the Sharp MX-2314N will deliver crisp, clear, razor sharp colour pages with reliable, consistent quality. You get lots of flexibility too, in terms of the kind of documents you create, with 100lb index stock and 140lb index stock both supported.

Data storage and data safety

The Sharp MX-2314N offers users a huge, safe 86GB of hard drive space upon which users can store and move files and data. Efficiency is kept to a maximum with innovative features such as thumbnail preview, so you won’t open up the wrong document by mistake. The office administrator can set-up all users with PIN-based access to the hardware, so you can rest assured only authorised employees can access confidential or sensitive company information.

Move your information

Sharp’s reputation for being an innovative leader in hardware has been built across over a century of superb hardware and ground breaking software. Take ImageSend, the pioneering solution that allows users to share documents effectively and efficiently. Seven Scan-to destinations keep your workflow fast and flexible, as you can send files to email, USB, fax, desktop, network, internet fax and FTP. Even if you have members of your workforce at various, different location, you can keep everybody in the loop with information as soon as it becomes available.

Device management

Sharp Remote Device Management is another innovative solution available to buyers of the Sharp MX-2314N. From this centralised interface, you can manage all elements of your MFD’s performance. The office administrator receives easy to read, logically laid out reports on the printer conditions and consumable levels. This makes keeping your device running at optimum effectiveness a low stress job.

For style, efficiency and power, the Sharp MX-2314N is one of the best machines on the market.