Canon Photocopiers

Canon Photocopiers Canon is one of the world’s most recognised hardware brands. Across nearly a century of ground-breaking products, forward thinking design and cutting-edge technology, it has become a trusted cornerstone of the imaging and optical products manufacturing industry. Its modern line of digital multifunction photocopiers is a demonstration that this tradition continues today. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE range is well known as one of the go-to places to search for the smart company in the market for a high quality device.

When Canon designed the iRA, it wanted to do more than just centralise the document handling functions (print, scan, copy and fax) on a single platform. It also wanted to make these models a hub for the reception, editing, sharing and storage of data in all its forms. So, when you install one to your IT infrastructure you get an engine for all the information that flows through your office. In the era of ‘Big Data’, this could not be more important, as workplaces will succeed and fail based on how they use their information.

As well as being dedicated to efficient data movement and usage, Canon is also dedicated to user-friendliness. That’s why imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction photocopiers come equipped with intuitive, simplified, logical interfaces, with many boasting touch-screen displays that will be familiar to anybody who has used a smart phone or tablet. On the larger production print models, even the creation of complicated documents such as brochures or booklets is made into a simple, one-touch task. So, even the biggest technophobe will quickly pick up the processes and operational features of any Canon model.

Another key concern for anybody looking to buy a photocopier is security. When you consider the huge waves of confidential, personal and business information that washes through your company on a daily basis, the importance of keeping it secure from malicious users simply cannot be overstated. To answer this concern, Canon has ensured everyone of its imageRUNNER ADVANCE copiers comes kitted out with airtight security features like data encryption, user authentication and secure hard disk drive.

Managing your Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE models couldn’t be easier, thanks to uniFLOW, Canon’s world famous software. This offers a centralised, desktop interface through which office administrators can control printing costs and consumable usage, manage the printing workflow and support mobile document handling across their company. The best thing about buying a Canon photocopier from Office Photocopiers is that you can be sure you will snap it up for the lowest possible price tag. We stock imageRUNNER ADVANCE models at prices well below the Recommended Retail Price you will be charged when you shop with other UK photocopier dealers. Call us now to get a great quote on a Canon MFD.