Desktop Photocopiers

Desktop Photocopiers One of the great things about the digital age of photocopiers is how compact it has allowed manufacturers to make their machines. While once high performance, high resolution copying and printing was the reserve of the big companies, with plenty of budget and plenty of space for a large document handling system, nowadays even the smallest workspace can fit a desktop photocopier with the power of multifunction capabilities. If space is tight in your office but you cannot afford to scrimp on output, then this will come as great news.

At Office Photocopiers we offer a magnificent range of versatile devices with tiny footprints. These powerful desktop multifunction photocopiers are available at the usual drop-down prices you’ve come to expect from Office Photocopiers. Right across our catalogue we stock models at prices well below the recommend retail price charged by other online dealers. This is just one of the many reasons Office Photocopiers is such a popular site for UK copier sales.

Another reason smart businesses come to us when they are looking to buy a copier is our extraordinary service and sales support. When you call us for a quote, you talk to highly trained agents who know our catalogue inside out. These people are experts in ensuring every one of our customers gets exactly the hardware that suits their workflow. So, if you are in the market for a compact MFD but are not sure where to look, this is the best place to start.

Once you have chosen the right model for your working practices, our support team are on hand to deliver it to your office and install it to your network. These expert engineers operate across the UK mainland, so the turnaround time between placing your order and receiving your new model is kept as short as possible. Throughout ownership our affordable service agreements keep your hardware running in tip-top condition, as our support staff will be on-hand to solve and fix any problems that may come up during the machine’s lifetime.

Though you might think purchasing a smaller printer, copier or scanner would limit your choice, thanks to Office Photocopiers extensive range, you still get plenty of options when purchasing your desktop system. From reliable all-in-one devices to more powerful, high capacity A3 photocopiers, our desktop range is not limited.

If you want to add a world class MFD to your network but don’t want to sacrifice the space in your office, call Office Photocopiers today.