Toshiba Photocopiers

Toshiba Photocopiers What makes Toshiba photocopiers so consistently popular amongst UK companies is the combination of convenience, usability and affordability that they offer. With monochrome photocopiers, colour models, MFDs and all-in-one devices, the Toshiba e-STUDIO range is a flexible and user-friendly collection of hardware, with something to suit just about any company. What’s more, when you buy one from Office Photocopiers, you are guaranteed a great deal on the price.

Toshiba likes to call its multifunction devices ‘human-centric’ and, in truth, it’s a fitting term. The e-STUDIO machines have been precision engineered to make life as easy as possible for the end-user, regardless of their level of technical know-how or experience, across 7 key areas of functionality.

The first key area is performance and this is where all of Toshiba’s colour and mono copiers really shine, all of them packing rapid print and copy speeds to guarantee the quick delivery of documents. The second key area is productivity, and with deep capacity and consistent output right across the range, the results can be seen clearly in any e-STUDIO MFD. The third area is simplicity. Toshiba control systems are some of the easiest to master in the entire office hardware industry, with intuitive touch screen panels on many of its machines.

The fourth, and for many users the most important, area is security. In the modern era, with huge amounts of confidential data stored, shared and accessed on a daily basis in your workplace, the safety of your MFD’s hard drive is incredibly important. With sophisticated features like Toshiba Secure HDD, IP/MAC address filter and Role Based Access Control on board, these models can keep your information under an airtight blanket of safety.

The fifth key area in which the e-STUDIO range is human-centric is management. When it comes to multifunction devices, most offices just want as little stress as possible and this is what Toshiba offers with its efficient device management software. The penultimate area is environmental friendliness and, with the Carbon Zero Scheme in place to offset all Toshiba machine’s potential eco-impact, you can rest assured that your e-STUDIO MFD will never cause undue damage.

Finally, Toshiba ensure that integration is as easy as possible and installing the device to your network and getting it up and running is incredibly simple.

So, there’s seven great reasons to choose a Toshiba copier for your next hardware purchase. At Office Photocopiers your can rent, lease or buy a copier at drop down prices. We stock e-STUDIO models of every size and shape: desktop copiers, A3 models and production machines, all at bargain price tags. Call now to get a low cost quote.