Ricoh MP 7502SP

With 75 pages per minute print speeds, the Ricoh MP 7502SP is one of the most powerful monochrome MFDs in the market. Easy to use, impressively built, secure and versatile, the Ricoh MP 7502SP packs a terrifically long list of benefits into its stylish frame. It comes with PC and Mac compatibility, scheduled printing and mandatory hold, which all combine to give you total control over your document workflow.

Workflow speed

Expect true ahead-of-the-curve data and document features when you add the Ricoh MP 7502SP to your network. 75 pages per minute print and copy speed, a rapid 30 seconds warm up time and 10 seconds recovery time combine to make this one of the most powerful document handling systems in the game. A single page arrives in just 3.2 seconds, meaning the turnaround for small prints jobs is almost instant.

Workflow simplicity

The Ricoh MP 7502SP has been designed with the innovative I-Style concept, a feature exclusive to Ricoh. That means it offers a level of user friendliness and functionality that is simply not to be found with any other manufacturer. A colour touch screen control panel offers complete accessibility, with a fully customisable home page for each user.

Effective communication

If you want your business to communicate better, then the Ricoh MP 7520SP will be a great choice. Receiving, storing and sharing information is made easy thanks to one of the most powerful scan features around. You can scan directly to email, folder, USB and SD card amongst numerous other destinations. This means you can rest assured business critical information reaches the destination that you need it to be in without delays.

True security

These days, companies create data in a volume never before seen. In such an environment, the safety of your confidential information becomes paramount. The Ricoh MP 7502SP has been built with these concerns in mind and comes equipped with some of the sharpest security solutions around. You can set-up 1,000 separate eight digit accounts for individual users, which makes tracking and monitoring how data is used very straightforward. Meanwhile, the office administrator can restrict access to certain information to certain individuals.

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