Photocopier Leasing

Canon ImageRunner 2220i Photocopier An increasingly large number of companies in the UK are now leasing their photocopiers and printers rather than purchasing them outright. This method has a number of definite advantages that are worth considering if you are furnishing your office with hardware. So, if you are about to add some document handling equipment to your network, make sure you read the following regarding the many, many benefits to leasing a copier, printer or multifunction device.

The main advantage offered by multifunction copier leasing is the positive effect it will have on your short term budget. This makes leasing a photocopier or printer a solid option for start-ups that have yet to raise the cash to purchase vital hardware out-right. By lowering the spend on equipment costs, leasing allows these companies a greater flexibility in their financial planning, while still utilising the hardware they need to get work flowing at its optimum level. This ensures the workplace gets off to the best possible start.

Yet leasing does not necessarily need to be just a short term solution. It can also make long term sense too. Hardware like copiers, printers and scanners can depreciate over time, so when you buy a photocopier you are tying your money up with an investment that may lose value. Leasing allows you to side-step this problem.

As well as cost control, the leasing option offers a terrific amount of flexibility. As your business grows you workload develops and your requirements change. In a lease agreement, you have less commitment to the hardware itself, so can upgrade with greater ease to a new model more suitable for your changing print and copy requirements.

At Office Photocopiers we offer an extensive, varied catalogue of top-class models from Ricoh, Sharp, Canon and Toshiba, alongside many other big-name, internationally recognised brands. We stock document handling equipment to suit every kind of office, in every industry, with the payment flexibility you require to get up and running ASAP.

All you need to begin a leasing agreement is a solid credit history so, as long as your business fits the bill, why not call Office Photocopiers today and find out more about this flexible, cost-effective option? It may well be what you need to bolster your business’ workflow with minimum delay.