Photocopier Rental

Toshiba eSTUDIO 2050CSE Photocopier Photocopier rental is becoming an increasingly popular option for UK offices that want to bring world class document handling hardware to their network. While traditionally buying a photocopier outright might be considered the best option, these days more and more companies are waking up to the many benefits of hiring equipment. At Office Photocopiers we can meet this increased demand, with an extensive stock of photocopiers, printers and multifunction copiers for rent.

One of the key advantages that renting offers over buying is the huge reduction on short term costs, on a number of different levels. First of all, there is the initial amount expended on purchasing. With a much smaller first time payment, renting or hiring a copier minimises short term spending. This is great for a small start-up business that has yet to acquire the capital to furnish its office with the top drawer equipment it needs to get its workflow moving at optimum level.

Secondly, the cost of maintenance and consumables is lower for the company renting its hardware. This lowered cost-per-print frees up money in the budget for more constructive things in the early stages of running a business like promotion, marketing, staff hiring and brand awareness.

The other most notable advantage to copier rental is the flexibility it offers when placed against buying a photocopier. When you rent a machine, you don’t make the same long term commitment. This means, as your business develops and grows and the workplace requirements you have change with it, you can replace your hardware with minimum fuss to suit your needs.

So, for cost effectiveness, flexibility and choice hiring your document system from Office Photocopiers is a smart move.

When your order a MFD from our rental catalogue you can rest assured there will be zero delays before it is up and running on your system. Our team of expert engineers are on hand to deliver and install your new document handling system across the UK mainland. The after-sales support on offer from Office Photocopiers is in a class of its own, with our nationwide team of experts dedicated to keeping your document handling system running at peak performance throughout ownership.

A high quality, high performance multifunction photocopier is indispensable to any modern workplace that wants to run at maximum productivity. These innovative digital devices have the capabilities to handle the stream of endless data that runs through your business, becoming a hub for all your information storage, creation, sharing and editing. If you prefer to rent instead of buying this hardware, Office Photocopiers is a terrific place to shop.