Ricoh MP 2001SP

Ricoh MP2001SPThe Ricoh MP 2001SP is a terrific combination of fast moving document handling, efficient use of consumables and energy and straightforward operation. If you run a small office or department and deal with large amounts of information on a regular basis, then this machine will be a good choice.

For over 7 decades now Ricoh has been renowned as a cutting edge manufacturer of business equipment. Its innovative photocopiers took the world by storm in the 70s and 80s, making rapid office productivity accessible to a wide number of end-users. The Ricoh MP 2001SP is very much part of this tradition, controlled from a 4.3 inch colour touch panel that makes navigating the intuitive interface a simple task.


Despite its compact dimensions and lightweight design, the Ricoh MP 2001SP is a heavyweight champion when it comes to output. The 20 pages per minute print and copy speeds in rich mono A4 are enough to tackle the workload of even a busy small workplace, while a first sheet out time of just 6 seconds and a system warm up time of 20 seconds ensure things get rolling with a minimum of delay. So, once this efficient piece of hardware is on your network, you never need to worry about being held back by hardware when the job needs to get done again.

User friendly

In the fast paced world of modern business, you simply do not have the time to waste on hardware that saps time out of your schedule with complex controls. Thanks to its intuitive 4.3 inch touch screen display and customisable operation, the Ricoh MP 2001SP offers a quick moving, stress free movement of documents and data at all times. This user friendliness extends to machine maintenance too, with front access to paper trays and a handy remote management system.


Sustainability is one of the key-words in modern business and, when you consider the money thrown away year-after-year on consumables by inefficient companies, it is not hard to see why. Much of this expense has to do with wasteful hardware that runs through paper and toner in an unchecked manner. The Ricoh MP 2001SP packs automatic double sided printing, ID Copy for simple ID card creation and low energy consumption meaning your running costs stay low throughout ownership.

Add the optional hard disk drive

By adding the optional hard disk drive to your Ricoh MP 2001SP to your system, you can bring your machine’s operation up to the next level. This offers a home screen for every user, file previews for minimal errors and data overwrite to wipe latent images of old documents from your memory after they have been used.

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