Ricoh MPC2051AD

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Ricoh MPC2051AD

An A3 printer and copier with superbly rapid document delivery speeds, the Ricoh MP C2051AD come highly recommended for any small or medium sized workplace where quantity and quality are both priorities for documents and data. Not only is this model a terrific document system, it is also a hub for all the business data that runs through your office, with sleek, powerful features for the storage and sharing of information. Add to that a miniscule Typical Energy Consumption, reduced noise levels and a very compact footprint and you have one of the standout MFDs in this price range. The Ricoh MP C2051AD is an incredible bargain.

Stay on top of the game with real flexibility The high performance abilities of the MPC2051AD are clear from a single glance at the spec sheet. 20 pages per minute page delivery, in both colour and black and white, ensure you are never waiting around long for those key documents to hit the out tray. Yet what is even more impressive about this ever-popular MFD is the flexibility it offers users. It comes with a 50 sheet ARDF, bolstering the scanning and copying features superbly, while the various scan-to destinations (including email, folder and hard drive) make the smooth movement of information a one-button jobs.

Best in class quality The 1200 dots per inch resolution and ultra fine PxP toner boasted by the Ricoh MPC2051AD means crisp, clear, vivid, lush images and text appears time and time again in your out tray. Even greater quality is added to your output thanks to features such as Black Over Print, which eliminates haloing (the white rim that sometimes appears around dark text in images) in order to keep your printed photos looking sharp.

User friendly, even for complicated jobs Like all of the best MFDs, the Ricoh MPC2051AD comes with a colour touch screen display upon which you can access the entire interface. Upon this screen, users can watch animated guides to all the maintenance and document jobs they might require, while features like job skipping keep your workflow running seamlessly, even when the pressure is on.

Remote monitoring for an uninterrupted workflow The famous @Remote solution from Ricoh is known across the world as the best device management solution available. Using this system, users can easily operate and access their device from a remote location, checking on consumable levels and system configuration from their desktop PC.

Comes with: Copy, print and scan, 20ppm colour and B&W, 2 x 250 sheet paper cassettes, Document feeder, Duplex, HDD & Cabinet

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